ARCHIVED SITE Bridging the knowledge gap between healthcare policy and technology.
ARCHIVED SITE Bridging the knowledge gapbetween healthcare policy and technology.

About Us

HYBRiD Health iT, Inc. is a consulting firm that specializes in EHR adoption, utilization, and HITECH compliance. The HITECH Act, which introduced “meaningful use” guidelines and required all medical providers to install electronic health record systems, is the foundation of the multiple healthcare qualities reporting initiatives currently in place.


Becoming a “meaningful user” allows caregivers to utilize Health IT effectively in order to capture and share clinical data.  These technology systems can ultimately improve clinical outcomes and realize measurable cost savings. 


Our team’s background in public and private healthcare enable us to provide the right information with ease.  We seek to offer the best consultants to help our clients to:


  • Effectively utilize healthcare technologies


  • Understand healthcare quality improvement programs


  • Validate compliance with regulatory requirements


Our company was founded on managing the knowledge of INFORMATION—gathering, synthesizing, documenting, building, and sharing—throughout the entire TECHNOLOGY project lifecycle.




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